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Features, a Colorado independent internet service provider, now offers gigabit fiber internet, phone and TV options. You can customize what you want for your home.

If you are interested in gigiabit fiber internet for your office, contact us today at 303-815-1000 option 2 or Our pricing for business is just as compelling. 

Gigabit Fiber

Only $70 a month - for life - no tricks, fine print, or hidden price increases

Get super fast connectivity with gigabit (1000M) fiber internet. Symmetrical gigabit speeds for both down and up.

$99 installation fee.

Basic Internet

Get 40M down over 5M up for $45 a month.

No hidden fees or charges
$99 one time installation fee



Unlimited local calling for only $30 a month

Add a reliable, digital phone line. Keep your number. We can port your number from your current carrier or you can get a new one with us to always have a secure dedicated line in your home.

Long distance options

Pay for long distance service only as you use it - at a cheap 3 cents per minute in the US, Canada, Mexico, and many international destinations.
Get Unlimited Long distance calling to the entire United States and Canada for only $10 per month more.
Add a phone for as little as $40 dollars a month and get unlimited continental long-distance.

TV (on the horizon -- not here yet)

Add TV as low as $25 a month for local channels only or
Choose basic cable or expanded cable for more options starting as low as $55.
Add a premium channel for only $10 a month.


All internet and TV equipment is included in the pricing above with the understanding that all equipment will be returned. If equipment is not returned, then it's yours for the face value of the equipment (You will be charged $180 for the fiber modem and $130 for the TV box).