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Let us help you with some frequently asked questions.

What is gigabit fiber internet? Gigabit fiber internet is delivered on fiber cables at a rate of 1000mps symmetrically so you get just as fast downloads as you do uploads.

Why do I need a gigabit? Gigabit fiber Internet makes everything you already do online up to 100x faster. Imagine the productivity. No more waiting to upload a file, buffer videos or upload photos.

Is it reliable?  Fiber internet is very reliable and stable given that data is travelling by light there is not typically any interference because of weather issues.

Why fiber optics over copper delivery? Fiber optic cables have a higher bandwidth capacity then typical copper wires and because of this the amount of data they can carry is almost infinite. The cables are thinner and easier to bend and fit to your needs than traditional copper cables and because no electricity is transfer over them then run no risk of getting hot and catching fire.

How can I get gigabit fiber internet service in my area? Check our qualifying tool to see if we are already there. If we are not, we can let you know when we are in your area with gigabit fiber. Sign up today.

Why do we have to wait to get service? Our installation costs are expensive and we want to keep your monthly costs low. So we are looking for interest from more people in your area until we can build out our fiber to your location.

How can you offer gigabit service as low as you are? Fiber optics can transfer data faster, cheaper and more safely then anything we have ever seen before. FORETHOUGHTnet goal is to decrease the digital divide and provide the Colorado community with the fastest internet service possible.

Does throttle usage? No. This means even at peak usage times they will not bog down causing you to get slower internet simply because your neighbor is stealing all of the bandwidth.

How will this affect my home value? Fiber internet not only benefits you in the here and now but adding fiber optic cabling to your home can increase your home value thus benefiting you in the future as well.

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